Hi, I'm Hodaya (:

This is the third time I have been deleting the “About Me” and trying to explain again.
Because if you would ask me, “Who are you? What are you doing? What is your profession?”
I would say that I am the complicated, diffused, searching, silent girl.
I am everything and nothing at the same time, I’m such a late person and a bit messy.
Maybe that’s why the About Me never suits me 100 percent.
I am engaged in the art of any kind, not really in any kind, is that it’s not something specific.
I just investigate, search, disperse, I want to come to the truth inside.
I am the lady who has something to say, even when she is silent she roaring on the inside.
I’m not asking, not interested, maybe a little indifferent. I should get out of my comfort zone,
but when I don’t care then I don’t, and when I do I dives into the depth and investigate.
A closed and silent person, watching from the side.
But there is also the other me, the wild side, who daydreams about van around the world and true freedom inside my heart.
I love to draw, direct photos, take pictures and edit, design shirts.
Maybe it’s the freedom. my freedom.
I love eyes and soul.
I love simplicity, authenticity, natural beauty, and nature.
I don’t love saying “I” that much.
Not naive, but I do believe that something good has come out of all this explanation.
So if you would come and ask:” Who are you? What is your profession?”
I would stop, think, get complicated.
Not complicated, just a little diffused.

Let me introduce you to “Barefoot in the Desert”:

On this site you will actually find me, it is my baby.
I’m sharing a blog here with thoughts and insights.
Inspirations I take from artists, and other tips and articles that can help everyone, from any field in life itself.
Oh, wait.
My name is Hodaya, 27 years old, an artist from Israel.
My story begins in 2015 when I enrolled in art studies at a college in the north of the country.
I came from the dense center to breathtaking green landscapes.
It changed me.
My paintings are freer, I learned to love (fruit, I used to love just an apple, today I eat almost everything), learned to try, I opened.
Just by looking back, I can tell how much I came through and changed for the best.
But there is one thing that has always been my basis and probably will be forever – the minimum.
As I searched for how to channel the art I do and make it accessible to a wider audience, I thought about printing shirts and cases for the iPhone.
At first, I printed my painting just like that, exactly as they were, and over time, I let go of the paintings and started designing according to the shirt.
What I’ve noticed is that, most people will go with nice and “normal” clothes, and that’s where I’m standing for.
My shirts are designed with simplicity and minimalism as only I know and love, so even if it looks packed, the minimum will come from another direction, you will already know my line.
These shirts will solve any problem for you because they are just right for any outfit.
These iPhone case with a fairly simple design, but with a great statement that goes beyond.
I invite you to go into the store and be impressed and of course also to go to the blog and get inspired like me.
I’d love to know you guys, see you 🙂

Hi, I'm Hodaya

Art. Blogging. Nature.

An optimistic curly girl who likes a simple art, visual lifestyle. 
Sharing my thoughts and insights about life and art lifestyle in particular.
Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
Welcome to my life’s journey.





What do I have to offer you?

Custome Design

All the products here, the art, the photography, the tips, all from my personal experience.
I drew, tried, photographed, edited.

Best Price

I only sell the products I am 100% feel good about. It's important for me to be professional and love it.


I only sell products that I love and belive in. Your statisfaction is important for me.