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anish kapoor

Anish Kapoor- A huge and scandalous creator of the art world

Anish Kapoor was born in Mumbai, India, to an Indian father of Hindu religion and a Jewish mother, whose father was a cantor of the Pune synagogue.
In 1970 he immigrated with his brother to Israel and lived at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. However, two years later he moved to England after not being accepted to study at Bezalel. (Academic College of Art, Design and Architecture in Jerusalem).
He was accepted for art studies at the Hornsey College of Art in London and to School of Design in Chelsea.
As a UK citizen, he has won numerous awards.
In the 1980s, he received international publicity for his works because of his unique sculptures, which usually have simple, curved lines and bold colors. Kapoor’s sculptures are usually simple in structure, and in recent years they are huge in size, he uses a lot of mirrors that distort the space and the viewers reflected on them. His sculptures are not always understandable, but you cannot remain indifferent to them, which is something I absolutely love.
I love that he makes you feel. 
When I saw his work I didn’t exactly know what I was feeling, but I felt my heart. Maybe it’s excitement, butterflies or even anger ‘how does he do such a thing?’ But he made my body respond without words, and I already knew it was someone I was going to remember his name.

This purchase has angered many artists who have been denied the right to use this color, so another artist, whose rights in developing a special pink color, decided to release the rights to this pink color to the whole world except Anish Kapoor. I bet I would be annoyed too, but as a side-viewer I have to say he’s quite a genius. The thing with that pink color made me laugh, it probably didn’t bother Anish.

Anyway, in all his sculptures, Kapoor refers to the architectural environment, no matter if it is a museum or a garden, the sculpture will always be designed according to where it stands. It is important for him to synchronize with the world. He claims that we live in a fantastic space and its role as an artist to drag this space into reality, without causing us to lose our imagination. A sentence that I agree with in the first second, but after another minute realizes that I need to digest it and think about it (But still agree with him).

Beyond his work in the arts, Kapoor has a long history of social activity and commitment to social justice, for refugees and human rights, and recently donated $ 1 million, an early award known as the “Jewish Nobel Prize” for helping solve the refugee problem.

If you want a little more, for an interview with Anish Kapoor click here .
For more detailed information about some of his works click here and here is interesting as well.

It’s hard to choose from his impressive sculptures, so I’ve left you a few of his works here that I absolutely love, and I’d love to hear from you, did any of you meet one of his giant real-life sculptors? How did it feel?

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