I am good. And so you are.

I’m good. I mean, I AM GOOD. I was thinking, maybe because the painting comes easy for me it’s unfair or something, or maybe I’m worthless, or even not good at all. NO. This is not true. You still need talent and doing things to move forward. My eyes are different, not really different, just […]

What about paith?

Four forty-six (PM) Let’s talk a little about faith. Today is a Seventeenth of Tammuz‘s fasting day. (according to the Hebrew calendar. Tammuz is a month, corresponds to July). And when it comes every year anew I think of the same things. First of all, it’s the longest day of the year, from now on […]

I abandoned my students

It’s two-thirty (PM). When I wrote that I lost it, I also meant that I abandoned Michael and Neria, my cousins. I mean, I didn’t really abandoned – abandoned… Like, this week I didn’t call to see what was going on with our class, and the truth is that it’s a shame for me, too, […]

My Dear Diary, Hi

I’m like- Rise – fall – rise – fall. Get up, get up, get up. I do not know where to start… So I would say in general that I kinda lost myself. Knowing that feeling that you have a bunch of ideas but you do nothing? I think that’s my biggest problem. I’m passionate […]