Hodaya Twito

Artist & Blogger

An optimistic curly girl who likes a simple art, visual lifestyle. 
Sharing my thoughts and insights about life and art lifestyle in particular.
Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
Welcome to my life’s journey.



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Get to know how to convey feelings through color.

Summer VS. Winter Feelings through colors: It’s so freaking easy and life changing: Cold colors- Blue, green, White. Hot colors- Red, yellow, black. When we want to create a winter mood – we’ll use cold colors. When we want to create a summer mood – we’ll use warm colors. Let’s make it very simple, look at this flower, note that the picture was taken these days, late November, was neither hot nor cloudy, but it was a raining morning, a little drop even remained on this lovely flower. Now with simple push of a button, I changed the weather completely. summer. hot. fiery. Look at that:

So the question is what do we want to say? Summer? Winter? The fact is that editing can help far beyond what seems. The moment we use the right color our brain already makes the link alone, it’s not just summer or winter, it’s atmosphere, it’s mood, it’s energy, feelings in the heart.

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