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Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
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How to remember memories

What about memories? How to keep them, how to remember them? How can you convey them in art, tell it? To say I remember that..

Suddenly I realize – time is flying. Really flying, not waiting. Neither for me or for you. I just started college yesterday and here, in less than two months, I’m graduating. The move is huge. Remembering myself how it was when I was just getting started, and seeing myself now. Wow. I have memories of the apartment in Kiryat Shmona, along with my friend Linor. And the trip to Thailand, with her, too. And suddenly, some part of the trip in India, that I went with Adar 5 years ago, that I completely forgot about. say at the very beginning, that we did Spiti and Kinnaur I think, and we were in some family guesthouse and I only ate rice. And there’s Leh, in Ladakh? With a Himalaya view or something. The first place we landed. Look how I was. Look at me now. I still care what people think, yes, but there is more awareness. And we used to live in the Giora neighborhood until the fifth grade. I would sit for hours in front of the clock in the living room, waiting for time to move and here it was. And we moved to Palmach Street, instead of a fence around Green Utah. And I learned to ride without auxiliary wheels late, I always remembered it was in the fourth grade, on the avenue, so how did we get into the Palmach in the fifth grade? Nevermind.

The sunflowers and I. We just moved to Palmach Street

And I rode the descent from the Ashkenazi synagogue, couldn’t get through or stop properly and got stuck in the bench, like, my leg. I got a very strong hit. And we had a Ppomegranate tree. There was also a Loquat, right at the entrance to the house on the left. He would bring a lot of bees and gnats, and birds pecked him, so we got rid of him. Too bad, Mom loved the tree.

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