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Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
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How to stay focused on what you do, although all the distractions of the internet today.

There are plenty of options and there are endless posts on fast money, online from home, or even better – so you can literally work from anywhere in the world, traveling and working they promise. Come on, I’m not saying.. it may be possible, I have not tried, but it’s so easy to get confused, forget what we have came for. It is beyond forgetting, it’s being lost, and at the end of the day to be left with nothing. I’m not just saying this time, I tried, I did, got confused and left with nothing. By the way, it’s still like that, the difference is that I remind myself every day who I am and what the ultimate goal is, and I’m here to help you and me.

In this post we’re gonna talk about:

  • Know who you are personally and professionally.
  • Don’t be tempted by others, and stay focused about what you want to achieve.
  • When she turned a little to stray from the road but still continue with your section.
  • How talented we are in many fields, but there is one thing that is our 100%.
  • Hello! Recognize what we are is not shame or condescension.

Alright alright, let’s go:

So the most important thing is to know who you are.
How do you introduce yourself, like.. how do you want the other will know you? Hello, nice meeting you, my name is —- and I’m … I’m what? writer? Photographer? Statue? Musician? Painter? Designer? In your heart inside, what are you? What is the home, the place to come back to after a long day out? Hello, nice meeting you, my name is Hodaya and I am an artist. Do you have any idea how difficult I was to admit it? very. We’ll come back for that later. The thing is that no matter what I go through, at the end of the dayI’ll always come back to the pencil and colors . Now we’re going to be more specific. I know what my style of art is, what is good for me and what works less, and also how I work the best. I disperse and have a hard time collecting myself again, too long breaks and the concentration goes. I always have to stay on a small fire, and if not it’s like picking myself up from the beginning all over again, and it happens completely, there’s nothing to do, but it’s also part of daily work, the desire to get better at it. And in the professional aspect, the minimum plays an important role, so even if the painting is very large, I will always have a line to guide me, the minimum will come from somewhere else (as in the final project of the college, I used only black and white colors.)

The next thing is to stay strong, true to yourself.
The truth is that for this, there is no trick to pull off the hat, or rabbit, or some magic method. Beyond that it’s who we are, we just have to remind ourselves, over and over, all the time. If you are looking to make money through jobs that are not you (like me, this is exactly the time I am in now), it’ll not work, just it won’t work. Okay, maybe you will make money, and good money, but for your cause you will not reach, you will pump into the new profession you have found for yourself and that’s it. The dream is gone.

Focus on what you want to achieve
So how do you get to know what you want to achieve?
The answer is so obvious that it was embarrassing and painful to understand after a long time: Find more people who care about you.
I print shirts and only recently have I started to follow and connect with people who are also busy with prints.
I found a really nice girl, name’s Lee, who prints her shirts by herself.
It helped me get more information from her about marketing printed shirts, target audience and hearing a little bit about her process.
And of course she is a good inspiration and there is one paragon for each other, I felt that there was someone who understood me, that I’m not alone, someone going through the same things I was going through and doing well – so I could too. Amein!
And of course it opened my chakras on Instagram for more shirt printers, what a real celebration.

When is it cool to stray out of the way?
When you need money so you can continue your section (again like me). I’m talking about the media again, yes? Continue with the shirts, with the advertising and marketing expenses, and also keep me motivated for the truth, even if the money doesn’t come from the shirts themselves. Nothing to do, money lowers worries. I’m anyway on the computer all day, so online work will work for me. However, it is important to remember that it is temporary, you have to know how to spend only the time it needs, not to get sucked, so that all the time we can really engage in our dream, a dream is no longer a dream, but a reality that comes true, imagine it – it feels wonderful!

No matter how talented we are in many fields, there is one thing that is our 100%.
We have more than one talent, thank god! it’s great, especially today that everyone says you can be and engage in a lot of things, and who said you have to choose, but we’ll always have the basis, something you are 100% good at, you just need to know how to link all areas together, so it won’t be a hell of a mess. Example: I’m a 100% artist. Then – prints shirts, photographer, photo editor, writes. All of these things are linked together and all of them I do, but separately that’s a problem. between us, no one will take me as a photographer or photo editor, alright, I don’t want to either. I have my iPhone and mostly free editing application VSCO, I’m not a professional, but I’m good enough to take pictures and market myself. Same for writing, paid articles I don’t write, but writing serves me to explain the feelings, insights, things I can help with in my field – I’d love to. But, if anyone wants a painting from me – oh! you are welcome! I would love to honey, I am all yours.

Last and most importantly.

Recognize what it is you are not ashamed! Only recently have I begun to introduce myself as an artist. I’ve always found it embarrassing, a little patronizing. Why do you say you are an artist, making such statements to the world? When I was traveling in Sri Lanka with my friend Adar and we would meet other tourists, she would always introduce us: “I am a teacher and she is an artist.” I was always embarrassed by the statement, a little stuttered, blushing, trying to explain myself. Adar is the one who would end it, “You’re an artist, aren’t you? That’s what you do.” At first, I would say yes, but … but no. No. I’m an artist, period, bye.

So after explaining everything and reading over and over I realize that most things here are about faith. There’s no explanation here about what to do, how to write or cook or draw, it’s not something physical, it’s in the heart. One belief, small, simple and strong in ourselves. Only ourselves.

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