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I abandoned my students

It’s two-thirty (PM).
When I wrote that I lost it, I also meant that I abandoned Michael and Neria, my cousins.
I mean, I didn’t really abandoned – abandoned… Like, this week I didn’t call to see what was going on with our class, and the truth is that it’s a shame for me, too, because it’s my only money for now and I’m also learning about myself and being sensitive to people around me, from teaching them.
And it’s all together.
I also abandoned yoga.

* * *

Michael and Neria are eleven, it turns out because by now I thought they were nine.
At first, when Danielle, my aunt – their mom, asked me to teach them a painting, I straight up said there was no way.
Plus, I don’t know how to teach. I’m not a teacher either.
She didn’t push, just asked me to think about it some more.
I decided to stop being Mister No and give it a try.
Don’t worry, they are only nine-year-olds. (Well, at least that’s how I thought until their mom read it).
I thought my connection with Michael would be quick and we would create such a click from two artists who understand weirdness and silence. After all, Michael is the painter and Neria is the brother who also wants because of his brother.
I felt that Michael came more naturally, he knew where to draw the line and how to mix colors, Neria needed my attention more. After each line, he asked – what’s next?
The lessons are separate so that each of them will have his or her own time, but it’s cool to see their differences, they come one after the other, on Sunday and Monday, and the differences are clear. This whole section about twins is the same but different.

Anyway, I’ll focus on Neria.

In the first lesson, I taught him how to draw an eye with charcoal, light, and shadow. The boy was excited that it looked real.
In the next lesson I offered him colors, he preferred to stick with the pencil and charcoal (obviously, that control is in our hands).
In three lessons that followed, he only learned how to draw a face. Three shitty lessons because he didn’t stop deleting.
I almost assured him that next time it would be without erasure.
But it was not necessary, because the lesson that followed was in color. (After shaking it off in a previous attempt, this time it’s stream-like water, which alone was amazing).
And today, when Neria arrived, he didn’t know what he wanted to draw and started scrawl around with a clean brush.
I streamed with him. I told him to take color – red was available – “Then you start to scrawl,” I said.
At first, he gaped at me with a pair of blue eyes: “What? Just a random scrawl?”
I assured him it was just fine and maxed out, or we would draw a new one.
After a few minutes of random red lines, he said it was hard to fidget for no reason. Well, sure, that innocent comment hit straight ahead.
So I explained to him that it was a painting for his heart, that painting could come out not- pretty, this is how you learn to fix it, or we can draw on it a new one.
I felt that I was giving him a life lesson, for Neria, who did not separate for a moment form his rubber.
I don’t know how much he listened and went deep, but he is certainly an intelligent little boy, and fun to talk to. Sometimes he’s just… kid.
And I felt like I was myself. Passing a value lesson today that is beyond painting.
I felt like I was myself.
And then the painting was so fun (this is rare in itself), that we continued the lesson for
another hour.
If you are looking for a painting teacher, or chatter, or some teacher (just not math😦),
it turns out it is me👩🏻‍🏫.

This is only the second time Neria paints with acrylic.


Neria with his solar system.

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