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An optimistic curly girl who likes a simple art, visual lifestyle. 
Sharing my thoughts and insights about life and art lifestyle in particular.
Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
Welcome to my life’s journey.



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I am good. And so you are.

I’m good. I mean, I AM GOOD.
I was thinking, maybe because the painting comes easy for me it’s unfair or something, or maybe I’m worthless, or even not good at all.
This is not true. You still need talent and doing things to move forward.
My eyes are different, not really different, just the angle of how I see different.
I think I see different things from others, the way the brain processes what it sees.
I can put what I want to draw into a frame, just with the eyes, imagine where the next line is should be.
And that’s why I can copy it from the computer like this.
So with this motivation, of me being good, I did something that I’ve never ever thought I will do.
This is the shy me. I did so many shots for the first video.

Two and six (AM)
Yesterday I did something that took me all day – I uploaded a YouTube video for the first time in my life!
That was the most embarrassing thing I ever did, I swear! I’m shy as hell, so speaking to the camera plus speaking English? This is way too much. Wow, I was freaking nervous … but I did it !!!
The video came out really cute, I need to get better with editing, but it’s great for the first time, no pressure.
I have decided with myself for a long time that I must get out of my comfort zone. Very-very comfortable.
And as I already understood, as I wrote that I learned an important lesson from my sister, that the comfort zone can actually be under our noses, no need to fly to the moon and back for it.
For me, getting out of the comfort zone was video shooting.
I’m sure even if I had filmed it in Hebrew it would have been embarrassing, English was just a bonus to my embarrassment.
But I said fuck it. I have to move forward somehow.
The truth is that the YouTube channel is also a great platform for the other things I love and I have nowhere to share them.
And it turns out that it’s actually nice. At the end of the day, I had a lot of fun.


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