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that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
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I have to apologize to you

I have to apologize to you.
My English is not as good as I thought, apparently.
The grammar, the punctuation.
It is very different from Hebrew.
In Hebrew, for example, don’t put a comma before ‘And’, in English you do.
This is just one example of a lot of mistakes that my computer has fixed for me.
I also noticed that in Hebrew we use a lot of ‘and’, the ‘and’ is the author between sentences, so we call it ‘the connection and’, in English this is less correct.
Or my link words aren’t the most right. When ‘from’, when ‘to’?
I knew it was not enough just a broad vocabulary, you also had to know how to put together a correct sentence.
Here, another example, in Hebrew we say to build a sentence, in English you’re also say so? Put together it’s fit better here I guess.
There are nouns that in Hebrew use for feminine or masculine gender and English it is just ‘that’ or ‘it’.
In Hebrew the word ‘language’ is female, so I can say a sentence like the Hebrew language is difficult. She’s different from the English language. ” Why that? ‘She’ speaks about the language, and in English it just doesn’t work like that.
I think a lot before I write a goddamn sentence, test myself a thousand times and yet I still believe there are mistakes, so let me apologize.
I am sorry.
I hope the content I write for you is interesting, helpful, and of course as understandable as possible.
I would be happy for any suggestions or corrections if there’s any.
Thank you, Hodaya. 🙂

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