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I learned an important lesson from my sister

I have a confession: I tended to think my sister stay in her comfort zone and that was it.
She’s a restaurant cook, although hard work, is fun for her, so she stays.
Well, at least I thought so.
How lucky I am that she taught me an important lesson.

Hanna and I. Yea, she got the eyes 😉

The simple and stupid reason I thought this was because I also worked as a cook and quit, I knew that with all the love for food, it was only temporary until I’ll set out to fulfill my dream, myself.
After I quit, I swore not to work in the kitchen anymore, work is hard and I think less suited to women, in the physical parts, a primitive thought, I know.
Anyway, my sister Hanna and I talked on Saturday about going out of bounds, testing, and challenging ourselves.
Hanna said she would have left long ago if she did not challenge herself, running a kitchen is not easy and she is the first to staff the job, paving the way for those to come. She is also dealing with a woman who needs to manage men, a law-enforced woman – a kitchen that has not been properly enforced before.
This hard work brings her into coping and learning about herself, knowing that she can bring about change, and the truth that she already feels the change, even if it is very minimal.
I didn’t understand it then, but I felt proud of her.
And now I’m waiting for her to come back from work so I’ll tell her.

Hanna and I

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