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An optimistic curly girl who likes a simple art, visual lifestyle. 
Sharing my thoughts and insights about life and art lifestyle in particular.
Working on connecting to myself and my feelings, 
that’s the hardest thing for me to do.
Welcome to my life’s journey.



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My Dear Diary, Hi

I’m like-
Rise – fall – rise – fall.
Get up, get up, get up.
I do not know where to start… So I would say in general that I kinda lost myself.
Knowing that feeling that you have a bunch of ideas but you do nothing? I think that’s my biggest problem.
I’m passionate about one idea, which spreads to some ideas, and then- Bye. Nothing. Get lost and feel that I have nothing in my hand.


Me crying starts.


Ten and eight minutes.

Today I got up sad and moody.
Even with a little dizziness, which started from the night.
I started feeding myself with crappy ideas at night that maybe the corona came to me too. Although there is no chance, in my opinion, of course, I was home all the time. Besides, it doesn’t fit me at all, feeding myself such nonsense and dramas.
Anyway, that was also my moody about, me being home.
I’ve been walking around feeling the last few days that I have nothing to hold. Like, I can’t say I have a successful blog, or booming business, or Instagram with strong following community.
I always say that I am everything and nothing, I wrote it in ‘About’, and this time I felt nothing winning.
It annoyed me also that every time is for exactly the same reasons, nothing changed in my doing. After all, I am the one that can change me.
Still, I was glad I knew all this to recognize the situation and say – leave me alone, let me have a moment, and it will pass, then – I will continue doing it with renewed strength.
In the last few days, I have been inexplicably tired and lazy.
I have no power to do one single thing and the clock is ticking, always the same goddamn clock.
Then I think about the business, about myself, what I’m trying to achieve.
Then I also remembered that I don’t even like this achieve word at all. But still, what have I achieved so far?
No one hasn’t bought any design from me, on the other hand, Instagram starts to climb nicely, provided I nurture it accordingly.
And then there’s the blog, which looks good, but I don’t always have anything to write about, because it’s not art, or insight, or anything, it’s just something that happens to me during the day, and I can’t find where to put it between the lines, because like I said before – I am everything and nothing and this time nothing wins.
So I decided to do a little switch to this nice blog.
It will all be a life travel journal, a personal journal that I will share with you, guys, everything that comes to my mind about anything.
In the first place, that’s the whole idea of ​​blogging.
And that’s also the idea that helped me get up on both feet and start typing and seeing light at the end of the room.
I have something to write about.
I always have something to write about, I just have to give it a stage, and here I am giving now.

All the love and positivity,

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