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Six basic rules for the beginner painter, or the advanced, or for whoever wants to succeed in life, it’s good as well.

I came back to the studio after a significant period that I was not. How can you go back to painting? How to maintain a high level and get better? How to reinvent yourself over and over again?

Okay, I got a problem when I start something new, diet, sport, or work style .. Are you familiar with too? I’m getting excited and decide: from now on it’s forever! And I forget it’s not for good, it’s just the enthusiasm of the moment and it passes, people change and nothing is forever. On the other hand, there’s the beautiful thing, that we always go back to what we love, And I love to draw. So I came back to the studio after a significant time that I wasn’t and came back with insightful insights and comments so that it would be all the reasons in the world to succeed as an artist, or at all.

In this post we gonna talk about:

  • Why cleaning is important for success.
  • When to stop.
  • When to continue.
  • How do we get back to painting? 

First of all: clean up.

Clean your head and your room. The place where you are comfortable working is significant, is everything. You have to know when to stop for a moment, to clear the palette from any residual color mix before continuing, or sometimes even starting from the beginning, cleaning like a Passover makeover. Oh, and of course the studio has to be organized. It is important. So, as I said, I came back to the studio, embarrassed to say that at least a year passed, and I decided to take it seriously. I also thought about it being a real privilege that I have a place to work in, I have to take advantage of it that I will not regret and .. well, it’s just a huge privilege. So I went in.. Geez. It was a hell of a mess. This day was all about a day of cleanliness and order, to see how much I damaged my things.

Order and organization are key

Second: When the base is good, everything is good.

Well probably not all good, but there is a good foundation and it is good. Quite a general phrase, but you can agree with me that it really catches on just about everything. Okay, let’s not get too smart: When the studio is clean, tidy and inviting, I want to go in, draw, think, and sketch some nice sketch. And when he doesn’t, I don’t want to get any closer and everything becomes a warehouse or something. I found paintings I liked, and guess what? They were destroyed because I didn’t keep them (don’t be lazy and keep your paintings right!). So I started cleaning, I felt that something in my soul was also clearing, the room would suddenly become bright and big. I know I’m a bit lazy, and I don’t clean the brushes, or the studio every day either, but I have the basic arrangement, the studio clean and fun to work with, and that’s all it takes to get started.

Third thing: schedule.

Every morning I have an alarm for seven and five because seven is too early. I dress like a real painter and come on, let’s go to work. The schedule should be tighter, that’s for sure, but there is one very clear rule: every day I draw – then work on the computer. Everyday work brings us self-improvement, whether we succeeded that day or not because that’s how we learn. It’s a cliché, but true. You can’t get better without doing anything, and of course, in such a world that we are everything, so many talents, we have to find the time for everything. And what’s the most fun part? The feeling of satisfaction when you manage to do all the scheduling we set for ourselves.

Four: Stop!

The way to success is to know that you are not doing well right now and to stop. We all have these days that it just isn’t my day today! Geez, it’s so okay. What is wrong is that although you do not succeed, you continue instead of stopping. (Again this is true of almost everything in life, I am such a milestone. Deh.) I drew this week, on Monday, with my dad, he is the most amazing and he came to help me. At one point he said, “Hodaya, stop. It’s not going well today, we’ll try again tomorrow.” I said thank you. Well, sort of .. I kinda insisted on finishing some line. But he was right and I stopped.

Five: Keep going!

It’s amazing how much I contradict myself, huh? But seriously now, sometimes we think that today is just not our day, nothing is going right. The problem is that it doesn’t come from the right place, it comes from a place of laziness or self-renunciation, I don’t know what’s worse. Well, I do. It may be that all you need to do with all that power is to refresh some five-minute coffee, or perhaps a distracting hunger, there are a million reasons, but none are good enough to stop completely. The secret is to just be honest enough with ourselves to know when to stop and when to continue.

Six: How do you continue to draw after such a huge break?

When I arranged the studio I found a painting I liked from my second year of college. I decided to add some color to it, to remodel, and as I did, I noticed how the third-year lecturer was talking inside my head, a mentor. Favorite painting, that’s what helped me get back to business. It may not be for everyone, because what is right for you may not be right for someone else, but my recommendation is to start drawing on something that is existing, which will re-open the flow and movement of our hand, and from there we will continue.

This image from 2017. The original painting, including the sketch with the flowers.

I was scared that I wasn’t good enough, I was scared to go back after all the long journey I went from a girl with pencils and charcoal to a girl with oil and acrylic paint. It is likely that if I started with a new white canvas I would have been much more difficult because when something exists, it is as if to continue from where you stopped. It also beat the fear of the renovation, two birds in one stroke. (Do you know that phrase?)

The start
The end.


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